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High Performance Batteries for Punch and Performance
Date Added: December 31, 2012 11:47:04 PM
Author: Amar Iqbal
Category: Business: Automotive
For normal car usage ordinary batteries carry out the usual starting-lighting-ignition functions. However, if you need extremely high performance, endurance, reliability, higher than usual power, a rugged design and phenomenal specs, only high performance batteries will match your expectations.

Features of High Performance Batteries

A typical high performance battery from a standard manufacturer will have the following design and constructional elements.

• Lead plates are extra pure, 99.99% purity, with welded and coated brass terminals with internal welded or burned cell connections. • Compressed absorbed glass mat.

• Welded internal cell construction.

• Rugged housing.

• Highest power to weight and size ratio.

Advantages of High Performance Batteries

Usually high performance batteries are built to military standards. This translates to exceptional performance. With integral welded connections and Absorbed Glass Mat design, these batteries can work without falling apart in the toughest terrains. There is no fear of acid spilling over even if batteries are tilted. You can expect these batteries to deliver over 2000A pulsed current for immediate engine starts. These batteries are also capable of extremely deep depth of discharge, up to 80% and will easily withstand four hundred such cycles where other ordinary lead acid batteries give up the ghost. You can winter these batteries and they will still hold power and will be recharged to full capacity unlike normal lead acid batteries. These batteries will work effortlessly for a period of 5 to 10 years unlike the three year life of normal batteries.

Applications of High Performance Batteries

High performance batteries cost more but deliver exceptional power and are totally reliable in the harshest operating conditions and across wide temperature ranges. These batteries are ideal for marine use, in high performance cars and racing, in cross country long distance travels. They can be used for starting, lighting and ignition besides powering inverters and onboard equipments in vehicles and boats. If you are living in remote areas and want a battery to be totally dependable, choose high performance batteries. If you travel from frozen wastes to blisteringly hot deserts and across bumpy and rocky terrain, high performance batteries will take punishment and withstand vibrations as well as temperature extremes. If you have an RV or have a boat, use high performance batteries for engine starting, lighting as well as for powering an inverter and electronic equipments. Aircrafts routinely depend on high performance batteries. These batteries have the best power to size ration and price to performance ratios to truly give you full value for money.